A little bit of history - OCO Ibiza



The collection of bracelets OCO Ibiza is born in 2008 and is crafted using a mix of new and vintage materials from countries where we like to travel to.

Each bracelet has a distinctive charm, as each piece is unique.
We never create two of the same model.

We like to elaborate an elegant and original bracelet mixing different materials of quality like leather, fabrics, pendants and decorative elements.

We care especially when assembling the materials to create a harmony and a suitable bracelet for any occasion.
The manufacture of the jewelry is entirely handmade from the magnetized clasps to the decorative elements.
We work in collaboration with small family businesses that share with us their knowledge and their passion for quality and beauty.

The clasps are handcrafted, one by one, as is the placement of each magnet.
The mold was designed following our instructions and our logo OCO IBIZA.
They are made with a silver bath, welcoming European Standards on allergen components.

All our leathers are coming from Italy and are cut, dyed and hand-decorated.
The brilliant stones are genuine "Swarovski" and are encrusted by us as also other materials.

The ethnic elements are made by Mexican women from a  community we love, as the result of a wonderful meeting we decided to give a new touch to our collection while helping these amazing artisans incorporating elements from different cultures in our models. Now, this "ethnic touch" is the main characteristic of our collection.

The decorative elements are coming from different places where we like to travel; they often have a sentimental value and are selected carefully.
We pay attention to their fabrication and about the materials used.
We are always looking for original items, some are antics others are new.

The production of the OCO Ibiza bracelets is at home on a small table near the window, often on the balcony where you can enjoy the ocean breeze from Ibiza!

Laurent Vivet is the owner and the creator of each collection, her friend, the artist, Caroline Jeanjot, works with him since 2013.
Together, they create all the pieces that come out of the "workshop", each piece is made with love and delight.

The OCO Ibiza boutique is located in Ibiza and his creations reflects the authentic style of the island.
The OCO Ibiza Bracelets are available all over the world and on this online store:
A Facebook Fan Page, Instagram and a Twitter account "OCO Ibiza" offers you the opportunity to contact Laurent and Caroline and look for new latest designs.

OCO Ibiza offers four collections of Bracelets:
”The Leather Collection”, "The Ethnic Collection", "The Jeans Collection" and “The Collection De Luxe”.

The diversity and originality of the models will make you fall in love with them at first sight.

You will find models of all sizes for men, women and children.

And if you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact Laurent or Caroline; they will personalize your bracelet!

A customer service exists, if there is any trouble or question they will be happy to listen and answer to you!

Bracelets OCO Ibiza are to cherish and care, avoid dipping them in water and keep them preciously away from moisture and dust.
You can have one or more on each wrist, they go well with any style of clothing and personalities!

OCO IBIZA    *Laurent Vivet*
Calle Antonio Mari Ribas 3, 07800 Ibiza
Tel:+34 667 640 713
NIF: ESX4177169R